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Voicebots at receptions are virtual receptionists who assist customers by answering their questions. Moreover, the demand analysis engine at the backend helps your business grow by providing detailed analysis of topics in demand.

But why us? 

In simple words, our bots have the superlative intelligence to understand native Indian languages like Bengali, Hindi, Punjabi etc. They are non linear, that is - be it any phrase like " can you tell me the price", "please tell me the price" or "what is the price" they are intelligent enough to understand your intentions and do not judge you by your language, dialect or phrasing structure.

Moreover, they are very robust  and smart when it comes to handling unknown situations



We provide a series of voicebots (Echo & Google Home) and chatbots(in smartphones & tabs) at the reception/lobby  so that perplexed customers can shoot their questions at these virtual assistants.