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Aliv-E-fi your website with first in class website voicebots and chatbots

VR Enabled Artificially Intelligent Receptionist 

Let AI bots assist your customers at the reception lobby with Voice Recognition, Virtual Reality and Chat conversation

Q) How can iVAC help my business?

A: Thousands of customers visit your website, property, social media page and reception lobby. 90% of them visit with an intent to know a particular information either related to your product’s/services availability, pricing, achievements, facilities etc. Many a times, your customers leave without getting a conclusive answer and thus you loose business. 

iVAC solves these problems by: 


  • Understanding all questions and contexts which are related to your business. 

  • The AI engine can interpret any kind of phrase and spelling errors and successfully construes the intention of the question

  • Next, it replies with accurate, updated and conclusive answers comprised of texts, images, videos as well as documents. 

  • All procedures are done within seconds.

Q) Can iVAC book appointments, take orders & accept payments?

A: Definitely. iVAC has also been successful in registering ragging and harrassment complains. It also sends notifications to the concerned authorities.

Q)Will iVAC be more efficient than a human?


  • Instant Replies

  • 24x7 Availability 

  • No salary or training expenses. 

  • Accurate Information, Unlimited Memory

  • No Call Forwarding, Call on Hold or Waiting Period.

  • Lets you analyze the conversation data by providing analytics. Use the analytics to take business and investment decisions.

So, what else do you need to beat the human?

Q) How will the VR in iVAC help my business grow?

A: The virtual reality in iVAC Kiosk lets your customers to experience your property offerings right from the reception. They do not travel to the actual premise but experience it as if they are inside your premise. Some of the possible virtual tours show and give a feel of:


  • University: Labs, grounds and classrooms.

  • Hotel: Rooms, ambiance and views of the rooms.

  • Real Estate Project: Show model flats, gym, built up and carpet area of model flats.


The virtual experience increases the chances of lead conversion exponentially.

Understanding iVAC