Anubhav Ghosh

2X Salesforce Certified Developer | AI Voicebot Developer | Organ Donor

Former Accenture Employee | University of Kansas | 


When we started our project, there was no one to support us because we chose to develop Smart bags. However, within the next two years, our intent and hard work received recognition from Accenture, CNN-IBN7, The Statesman, Yahoo and finally the Government of India.


Although our project to protect women and children from abuse gifted us multiple job offers, Samidhya and I decided to leave our job at Accenture after a stint of 14 months and start our own company.  Today our mission driven startup is one among the Top 3000  startups in India.

recognitions & awards

The Statesman

Our innovative project was covered by the The Statesman. Click on this link to read the digital copy: 

Accenture & Yahoo

We were offered a job role as software developers by the Senior Managing Director of Accenture, Mr. Mohan Sekhar, on the stage, as we became the all India runners up of Accenture Innovation Jockey 2016. Link:  


CNN-IBN 7 covered our project and its implications. Accenture in India proudly shared the video on its Facebook Page to let the world know about our project.


Watch the full video here 

Kolkata TV

This is my interview on a Bengali News channel Kolkata TV, where I illustrate the benefits of the project and how it can protect schoolchildren from abuse.


Watch the interview here: 

Vanquished more than 3000 teams to become the runners up of Accenture Innovation Jockey 2016


At the age of 21, I became the youngest organ donor in my university as I signed for the donation of my EYES after my death.


Received acknowledgement from the CEO of Flipkart - Mr. Binny Bansal


2nd Prize in Ethical Hacking at Infocomm 2014

Patent was published by Indian Patent Journal in July 2017.

We featured in Yourstory, India's most coveted Startup Magazine

Founded a company which has been certified as one of Top 3000 startups in India by the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta

Projects and Credentials

Alexa in Hindi & Bangla

Alexa is not known for communicating Hindi and Bangla. However, I coded it to understand Hindi and Bangla. Watch the Video

IoT Smart Bag

School Bags and Ladies Bags for protection from abuse and abduction

Automatic Traffic Notification

IoT system that reports incidents and traffic jams with live images from the scene and reasons

Paper Publication

Salesforce Certified

9.22 CGPA

Intern at IIT KGP




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